The QTE, gaming cancer?

PAL: The QTE, gaming cancer?

The QTE, short for quick time event is a phase of play that reduces the gameplay to its simplest expression. A button appears on the screen, it is necessary to press at the right time not to interrupt the drive. Popularized by Shenmue and Sword of the Berserk: Gut's rage in 1999, this type of action already existed. Unique gameplay mechanicsDragon's Lair was released in 1983, now located in the most games. Until overdose?

Used to make the player feel the tension in a particularly brutal action in God of War,the QTE can enhance immersion. Gears of War would it be the same without his duels with a chainsaw? 
The examples of this type m
issing and not in these games QTE fit naturally into the gameplay, since they are not prevailing. Conversely, their predominance in the introduction of Resident Evil 6 fails to revive the player's interest in scenes that are desperately short of pace. Worse, they literally crippling action.
But the QTE can be downright a distressing uselessness, and we really wonder what is going through your head developers of Blue Dragon, when they decided it would bludgeon the A button to Open ... doors dungeons! The principle of cinematic action of Final Fantasy XIII-2 is also questionable: after the attack on our successful character, why inflict handling more in order to conclude it 
also mention the case of Asura's Wrath where failure of a QTE has no influence on the drive, only the end of level score being modified.
However, there are modern games completely based on QTE, and we must say that their receptions diverge: while that Heavy Rain has divided the players, his critics accusing him of being a simple interactive movie where the life of a character was based only on a button at the right time, The Walking Dead won all the votes while offering a gameplay similar in its action phases. Fad or simple evolution of morals?
Still, the QTE divide. While the same difficulty of the current games divided updevelopers, more than ever it is time to ask whether the QTE really add value to Thurs or should we eliminate it in order not to fear the loss the gameplay it represents?